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Ras T Dubflex birth name Terrance D Reynolds brings you reggae music in an american package. Born in Philadelphia Pa. He was raised on the east side of Cleveland, Ohio. Being the youngest son of Jesse and Peggy Reynolds with 4 siblings; 3 brothers and one sister. Life was always a struggle, but there is always the music encouraging him to move on. In the early days he began playing drums in the gospel family group “The Ford Boys” which compiled his brothers Rodney and Timothy, at the family church, “Zion Tried Stone” pastored by his great uncle, Walter Dewey Kinchen whom was the “Sanford and Son” of Cleveland. During the week he worked at his uncles salvage shop, “W. D. Kinchen Salvage” where he hustled to get his first synthesizer. The Casio CZ1000. From that point on He began composing music for himself, family and friends in his bedroom studio. One of his friends sold him a Tascam porto5 four track recorder which led to a host of studios throughout cleveland. Ras T loves all kinds of music, yet has special passion for reggae music. Ras T Dubflex continues to share and promote Consciousness through the veins of reggae music. coming to your town soon……………………….Bless ForwardRas T DubFlex AmerReggae